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Easy Signature is a digital signature software (e-signature) that allows digital signing of any type of file. It enables the replacement of time-consuming and costly paper-based approval processes with fast and fully digital ones.

It is a user-friendly (tailor made for business/organizations) application for intra security document management, document approval workflow and digital identification for companies and organizations.

It is an initiative to make the world greener and make everyday document management easier.

Many Business and organizations still print hard copies when a signature authorization is required on a document, which requires a physical routing for signatures. This manual paper workflow increases organizational costs, requires additional time, and prohibits a business from realizing the true profit of a fully electronic workflow.

A digital signature, or electronic signature (e-signature), uses a symmetric cryptography and provides more security than a handwritten signature, because it attests to the identity of the signer as well as the integrity of the document. The smallest
amount of change in the document will make the digital signature verification process fail.

This is done by a mathematical scheme to establish the validity of a digital message or document and protect it from tampering. This scheme normally uses PKA (Public Key Algorithms) to digitally sign the message or document and a PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) to bind digital identities to physical identities.

What is important to know in general about digital signature solutions is the following:

"It is not possible for any vendor to offer a turnkey 'FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant system'. Any vendor who makes such a claim is incorrect. Part 11 requires both procedural controls (i.e. notification, training, SOPs, administration) and administrative controls to be put in place by the user in addition to the technical controls that the vendor can offer. At best, the vendor can offer an application containing the required technical elements of a compliant system." (check this with FDA or other ISO regulatory)

This means that any other solutions that claims that they are "CFR Part 11 compliant system" or ISO XXX compliant are lying to you, to make you purchase their expensive solution. 

The bottom line is that most digital signature software that uses correct PKI technology (free or commercial) does have required technical elements of a compliant system.  The difference is that the very expensive solutions have better sales people and sales oriented WebPages. It is important that you check all the requirements to be compliant and create your own procedures and documentation and do not rely on specific software.

Easy signature does have the required technical elements of a compliant system. Got to our services menu to read more.  

Five easy steps to get started

) Download/Purchase Easysignature software to your local harddrive.



2) You will need to appoint at least one "Signature Issuer Responsible" (SIR) and obtaining a certificate. Contact Easysoft for a certificate on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
add your unsigned certificate information (*.UCI) file to the email. Readmore)




StartIcon33) IDSoft controls the identity of the SIR and hands out an offical certificate.

StartIcon44) The SIR approves the identity of an employee or member of the
organization and certifies their digital signature using the official
company certificate.

Everyone in your organization can create personal uncertified
signature information and send it to the SIR to obtain a private






5) You can now start using the Easysignature software in your organization to sign any type of document.





Read more in the tabs (top of the page) and watch our tutorial page to get started.


    • Secure electronic signing (e-signature) and digital signing PKI technology. 2048bit, 4048bit or even higher DSS signing.
    • Approve along with your colleagues. Multiple signatures are to be placed on a document (one after another) while ensuring document integrity.
    • With a simple click of a mouse: sign any type of file with a unique digital signature per user.
    • With a simple click of a mouse: prove the "digital hierarchical trust" during a regulatory audit for any signed document.
    • One single file does it all. No Installation or difficult implementation required. (Do you have your files on a network or locally? This is the optimal solution for you).
    • Easy deployment in your organization for intra-document signature security.
    • Signature work-flow oriented. (auto email notification, etc)
    • Protect your file with strong AES encryption. (Allows you to share signature outside your office).
    • Embed your file into the signature to avoid modification on the original file.
    • Print the signatures with graphical presentation.
    • Can be used for regulatory appliance.
    • Easy to use. "Made by quality managers for quality managers."


Short introduction and screen shots

Create and customize digital identification/digit signature for everyone in your company/organization.
No need to rely on external service (Bank ID, online servers etc). No continuous cost per license/user/year (onetime fee only)
Easy Signature is typically deployed in your organization in a matter of hours.

(Click on the images to enlarge)

Use your digital signature or digital identification with easy signature to sign any type of file. Multiple signatures can be done on a document (one after another). The result is one file that contains the embedded document with a standard front page that contains additional information as title, project id etc. In addition you can create workflow for series of approvers and an audit trail with automatic email notification.

Anyone can verify the signature and content integrity anywhere at anytime - with a simple click.

(Click on the images to enlarge)

Easy Signature is made by quality managers for quality managers to resolve real problems. 

We recommend that you watch our "step by step" videos (~8Min) in the Tutorial page or read our informative  FAQ page.

Why choose easy signature?

Easy Signature provides:

  • Full control over your documentation (you do not rely on external services, license options).
  • Allows you to create unlimited electronic identification for your employees in the company, and many more features that is stated under pros below. 

It is important to know the pros/cons of different solutions on the market before you decide on a solution.

Here is a short pros/cons summary about different solutions:

Open/free solutions under GPL license

How does it work?

This is a too big topic to cover. Read more in the link list at the home page.


  • Free of charge (if you do not use root certificates).
  • Projects have been around for a long time.
  • Many contributors and users.


  • It's mainly focused on sending and encrypting email, rather than everyday document management in the companies.
  • It's complicated to install and to use for the common user.
  • Multiple signatures with series of approvers and an audit trail are usually not supported.
  • Creating and publishing certificates is difficult (Web of trust, CA) and requires users to understand many detailed concepts, as well as configure and install multiple tools.
  • It requires online connection to external servers, to ensure validity of the signature.
  • It's difficult to investigate and show the "digital hierarchical trust" during an audit.
  • Customized signature with graphical representation is not supported.

Commercial online (Webb-based) solutions

How does it work?

Core functionality of the most online digital signing solutions is more/less as described below (to give you a general understanding):

1) You upload a document to an external server.

Notice: This is someone else server. Claimed to be secure by provider etc, and usually are. But we recommend you to read the license agreement thoroughly, before sending intellectual property to external servers.

2) Your document is converted into a PDF (if it is possible to convert it).

3) You will add your signature to the PDF. The Solutions usually have a user-friendly online graphical interface.

Notice: Your signature is still an image inside a PDF, and is not really digitally safe in this point.

4) The online server saves the following information (who signed what and when) in their internal database.

5) The final PDF (with pictures of your signature) is digitally signed, by the online service digital certificate (not your unique digital imprint/certificate). This is how the digital integrity is maintained.

Notice: You can buy such a certificate yourself and sign PDF:s, using adobe for ~480$. Some configuration etc is needed, but it is possible (digital hierarchical trust cannot be maintained if everyone uses the same certificate).


  • Easy to use and user friendly interfaces.
  • No need to install software, servers, etc.
  • Easy to get started.
  • Customized signature with graphical representation etc.
  • Multiple signatures are supported.


  • Continuous cost around 200USD/user/license/year.
  • Depending on online external servers.
  • Difficult to investigate and show the "digital hierarchical trust" during an audit. (your PDF are digitally signed by one external party, but contains pictures of signatures)

Other commercial solutions


  • There are really good solutions/system available.
  • They are digitally safe and well proven.
  • Offers more functionality than Easy Signature.


  • The business cases for such solutions usually consists of continuous cost around ~200 USD /user/license/year, depending on solution/offer.
  • The system requires online service dependencies.
  • Unfortunately, it is not uncommon that you cannot prove "digital hierarchical trust" for your documentation during an audit if you have cancelled your license agreement (one way street).